Monday, 17 June 2013

Building the 'headcrab' quadcopter

I've recently been busy building the new 'headcrab' quadcopter rather than fixing up the ol' X600 frame... The deployed frame is starting to take shape, with motors and ESCs (four yellow bits with all the wires coming out) mounted and connected up.

Here's the quad folded

The flight controller board will have a separate mounting plate that will be vibration-isolated from the main board. In addition, I've ordered another laser-cutting run to make a battery/camera mounting plate to hang underneath the quad, again using an anti-vibration mounting.

If this thing flies well and if anyone is interested, I'll put up the build steps and links to the laser cutting plans... but only if I see some comments from all three of you! :D

Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Headcrab' quadcopter laser cut

Beer is a necessary component

Control board mount on the centre of gravity

Folded up - the quad stays in the unfolded position with friction - no more carrying a ratchet and a hex wrench!