Monday, 14 March 2011

Camera flash trigger project - Boxing up

So my first try at boxing up involved an old network switch box (literally a switch to change between two networks). The metal box was OK for holding the arduino and a breadboard, but a bit rubbish when it came to power (required a USB source) and the wires were selotaped to the case... deffo dodge.

Quick trip to Maplin and I've now got a shiny ABS box for the arduino and circuit, plus a power pack, cable connectors (simple phono types) and a 1/0 switch to turn the whole thing on.

After a bit of drilling, hacking and hot glue, I have the following in-progress box:
Arduino box (top), laser remote (left) and LDR remote (right)
Main box with mounting point for the Arduino (from a motherboard mounting kit ;))

Phono jacks and holes for arduino USB and power

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