Friday, 8 July 2011

Really simple 'weather station'

Stand alone BMP085 based weather station - measures pressure and temperature


  1. Hi, I'm trying to get bmp085 to work with hd44780 lcd and avr controller (with avr studio).
    I tryed sparkfun example but it didn't work.
    Can you help me and send me source of hex to try is this module I bought working at all.
    I'm trying for days and nothing...
    Pls help!
    you can check my blog with controllers:

  2. Have a look at the code in this post:

    I got my BMP085 working using the sparkfun code... you could check that you're using the right voltage levels on the I2C bus (the BMP085 runs on 3V3, not 5V) but unless the chip is fried it should work at 5V.

    Not sure what else to suggest without seeing the circuit or code you're using, other than to get rid of everything but the BMP085 and code and use the serial print to check through each stage of the I2C comms with the BMP085 :-]