Monday, 21 January 2013

Quadcopter control system

I had an MPU-6050 6-axis accelerometer/gyro and an Arduino Pro-Mini, so I thought I'd have a go at breadboarding a flight control system based on open-source software/hardware

The open source options I looked at were:

Although FreeIMU isn't technically a flight control system, it provides a sound basis for coding one, as many have done!

After much code gazing, I2C pin swapping and re-flashing of the Arduino mini with known-to-work-code, eventually I gave up trying to get the MPU-6050 to work as it didn't want to talk with the MultiWii code. Instead I bought a multiWii-based board, but its really just an ATMEGA328P (like in the Arduino Uno) with a bunch of sensors on board plus handy pin headers for wiring up the receiver and motors... a snip at under £30 (The MPU-6050 breakout board is £30 on its own...) - I hope it works!

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