Saturday, 20 July 2013

Headcrab quadcopter - Successful PID tuning!

So the last outing the 'Headcrab' had showed I had some vibration issues that may have been affecting the gyro performance... On reflection I think that the ESCs were not properly calibrated to the new motors I'd paired them with.

I wasn't very satisfied with the double sided foam attachment method for the flight controller board, so I made up a stand-off board with some scrap laser-cut plywood and used vibration damping foam to isolate it from the bolts holding the board up. Hopefully this will reduce the gyro interference to a manageable level using low-pass filtering in software. I also calibrated each ESC, just in case.

Vibration testing didn't look that much better, but I strung the quad' up to test its stability in acro mode and level mode:

This time the quad' looks rock solid at all power settings... the new Turnigy motors may be a tad overpowered :) I hope the ESCs and batteries can cope with the amps!

Batteries are on charge now. If I'm feeling brave tomorrow there may be a free-fright test :]

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