Monday, 27 May 2013

Quadcopter crash - Deja vu, again

Another random crash from my X600 quadcopter... Same as before, the quad oscillated nearly 90 degrees each way on an axis and lost height rapidly. Cutting power to save it from wrecking a motor, I heard a 'thunk' as it dropped onto a grassy slope out of my view. The quad suffered from another broken prop and a busted up aluminium arm where the wire landing gear broke out from its hole in the arm. I'm starting to wonder if the new avionics bay has an intermittent faulty connection.

Before the crash I did risk shooting some footage with my Wife's point-and-shoot camera mounted on the tripod thread on top of the quad... its nothing like this, but it does show that as a camera platform the quad isn't bad when a decent camera is fitted (R.I.P. Veho Muvi and its jelly vision)

New props ordered from Ebay - I might try out some wooden arms to replace the aluminium section arms, as a prototype for my scratch-build quad

Oh, and last time I weighed the X600 quadcopter with battery it came in at 1.2kg... a bit on the porky side...

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