Monday, 20 May 2013

Quadcopter redesign - the headcrab

After auguring in the 'copter, snapping a motor mount and losing my Veho Muvi camera in the bracken, grass and heather of Hampshire heathland, I decided to try designing my own quad frame...

[subsequent AAIB investigations showed that although pilot error was suggested by onlookers (my boy) the crash was most likely due to a wiring failure on a soldered bullet connector to one of the motors... with one phase gone the motor stopped working and the quad flipped]

The redesign was taking some time to finalise (ooh, what about a tricopter?), so I cobbled the X600 back together without the fibre board motor mounts, instead bolting and zip-tying the 'plus' shaped motor adapters that came with the kit onto the arms.

Meanwhile, the current design looks like this:

The aim is to have all the arms fold backwards (like an octopus?) to improve transportability. The arms will be held in place by friction by adjusting the pivot and stopper bolts so the top/bottom plates grip each arm with enough force to hold it still in flight, but still be able to fold up for transport (or a crash!)

The offset body/CG design also allows for an underslung battery tray that can double as a vibration damped camera mount.

Materials will likely be wood (I've some hardwood 1/2 inch sticks) and laser-cut plywood for the body plates and landing gear. Razorlab (UK Ponoko franchise) will be my source for cutting.

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